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So far I love Shred Agent. It is so nice being able to just not have to think about making sure that all my files and temp files all get erased for good. I store most of my data in encrypted volumes to help keep things safe, but always had to fuss with where temp files where ending up at and problems with having thing written to disk that I just didn't know about. Now I don't have to worry about any of that.



For real, this software does its job! I mean, i was tired of other software of its kind because it bothered me with its manual work of selecting and destroying files. The thing about shred agent is that it destroys crap automatically. The con is that it deleted some important file and 1 my program had to be reinstalled.

Alex Colwell, Atlanta, GA


I'm admin and I have to manage about 200+ computers, my job is getting tasks done and providing security service, making sure everyone is using firewall, anti-virus software and so on. With Shred Agent I don't need to care about secure deletion of files. I've installed it on web-server and it works smoothly. I'm not sure about the speed of wiping vs deleting, but now it's much easier to control the entire process.

James, admin at telecom company


Hi! I'm ex-user of QuickWiper, another tool by AKS-Labs. I was suggested to test Shred Agent and it is really cutting-edge tool. With old QuickWiper I needed to drag and drop my top-secret files to wipe them, now I don't need to do anything! Shred Agent software do all work for me. That is great!!

Larry, San Francisco


Dear users! We have just released our new software - Shred Agent. It was designed to replace in-secure file deletion operations with secure file wiping. We hope you will find it really useful. Feel free to share your ideas.

AKS-Labs Team, Raleigh, NC


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