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Frequently Asked Questions - Shred Agent

  • What files does Shred Agent delete? Actually, it doesn't delete files. You do delete files and Shred Agent make this deletion secure. Also, you can configure some filters to do a secure deletion only for some certain file types.

  • I do understand what background wiping means, buy why I need it? First, in comparison to other file shredders, it doesn't requires any action from you. Second, temporary files that Shred Agent will be able to wipe are a great security risk.

  • Does Shred Agent prompt before deleting files? No, it's not necessary as Windows prompts before deletion itself. Also you can see the animated icon in the system tray and also, you will find some information in log file.

  • If I use undelete utility and will I see the names of wiped files? The latest version of Shred Agent wipe file names, replacing them with XXXXX characters. But it doesn't affect file deleted before you have started using Shred Agent.

  • What if I will accidentally delete some file...? Yes, you will not be able to recover it. So, be careful, do regular back up and consider applying file wiping function only when you delete top secret sensitive files. Use Shred Agent include and exclude wiping filters for this purpose.

  • Can Shred Agent wipe free space? Yes, from version 1.2 it can wipe free space. Read more about wiping free space with Shred Agent.

  • Will Shred Agent work if Norton Utilities are installed at the same computer. It worked OK with some versions of Norton Utilities, but we have not tested it with all versions. We have not got any negative response from other users. So I think you can try it and there will be no problems.

  • Can I get your Shred Agent with my new computer? Thank you for your interest. Shred Agent is a great tool to be sold as OEM. It's very easy to install and use - no user action required to security wipe files. We are having more OEM agreements now, so ask before purchase.

  • I want to resell Shred Agent, how can I do this? There is an affiliate program available though RegNow, contact us to get more information.

  • There is a file "some_file.ext" that keeps showing up as being wiped multiple times, what does this mean? It means that some software in your system or Windows itself regularly delete the content of this file. That's why it showing up as
    being wiped.

  • (see the previous question) How to make it stopped being wiped multiple times? You can add this file or the whole folder in exclude filer. See Shred Agent options, then select "Filters" tag, add this file to Exclude filter.

  • I have a question that is not listed here? Please, contact us using web-form.

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