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Wipe free or slack disk space with Shred Agent

Wiping free disk space is necessary to make irrecoverable all previously deleted files. With Shred Agent wiping free disk space is easy to run and fast.

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Why need to wipe free disk space

There are some reasons why users of Windows should run free space wipe regularly, the main is:

  • All simply deleted files can be recovered. Note: it's still possible if you delete file with Del+Shift or when you empty Recycle Bin.

Do users of Shred Agent still need to use wipe free space function? The short answer is "Yes", because:

  • You need to wipe in some way previously deleted files, files that you have deleted before starting using Shred Agent;

  • Shred Agent can wipe securely about 98% of deleted data, there are still 2% that will be deleted securely while wiping slack disk space;

  • To speed-up you work, you might in interested in configuring Shred Agent to wipe only specific files, the rest can be securely deleted while wiping slack hard drive space;

Wipe free or slack disk space with Shred AgentHow to wipe slack hard drive space? Is is easy? Is it fast?

With Shred Agent it's really easy and fast. To run free space wiping function you have two options:

  • Run Shred Agent. Select "Wipe Free Space" option in Tools menu. Then select hard disk letters to wipe and click "Wipe free space" button;

  • Another option is to run Shred Agent wipe free space using command line option. It's useful when you want to schedule to do slack space wiping for instance, every week.

So, is it fast?

  • It's really fast in comparison to other free space wiping tools (for instance, ours QuickWiper is much more slower)

  • The wiping speed depends much on drive speed, the volume of data to be overwritten and so on. After starting free space wiping, Shred Agent will indicate the time left.

  • Why is it so fast? Well, because when overwriting free space there is no need to read any data, just write, also, Shred Agent writing data directly into the hard disk without caching.

It's needed to empty Recycle Bin and System Information folder before wiping free space. Will Shred Agent do this?

How to make sure that it's really works?

It's really a good idea to make sure that Shred Agent or any other security tool does it's job. With Shred Agent it's simple. Search in google for some freeware undelete utility and try to recover some files after wiping free space.

Try it and Buy it

You can try Shred Agent for free. 30-days fully-functional version of Shred Agent is available for download. Before downloading, please, pay attention to System requirements. If you find Shred Agent useful, then you can purchase a license. Please, visit ordering page for more information. Need more information? Browse from the product home page.

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