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Why use file shredder? Why wipe files?

Why do I need to use file shredder?Let's discuss some facts about file deletion in Windows (R) operation system:

  • Fact 1. Any deleted file can be recovered; Any one can recover files that were deleted a long time ago;

  • Fact 2. Pressing Delete + Shift doesn't help; Files deleted with "Delete + Shift" can still be recovered;

  • Fact 3. Empting Recycle Bin doesn't help; After you empty your Recycle Bin files can still be recovered;

So, it's obvious now that we should look for some ways to protect our files against recovering. We call it to "wipe" or to "shred" file. There is a class of utilities that wipe files, called File Shredder or File Wipers. 

Why need to wipe files? Find 3-top reasons:

  • Reason 1. To prevent information leakage; 

  • Reason 2. To protect your data from possible intruders;

  • Reason 3. To protect your privacy;

Now, it's clear that our goal is privacy. What we can do to achieve our goals?

  • Method 1. Wipe files. We can run a file shredder utility to replace deletion with wiping;

  • Method 2. Wipe free space. We can wipe all previously deleted files;

  • Method 3. Secure browser. We can clear cookies, IE cache, history and other; 

Shred Agent is a file shredder that really works! Click to download.Now, let's discuss the efficiency of these methods.

  • You can secure your browser with some popular tools, such as ours QuickWiper. But remember, that browser itself creates a lot of files, let's call them temporary files, that we even don't know about;

  • You can wipe free space, but about 10% of space right now may not be accessible. For instance, cached files will still contain valuable information. 

  • We could wipe single files. That is great, but we cannot wipe all files. For instance, it's impossible to wipe manually temporary files created by MS Office products.

So what the solution is? We have created a Shred Agent tool. This is a hardware-level file shredder that works in background mode. This means that it will wipe all files, including temporary files, cached files without even taking any user time. You can try it yourself, it's free to try. 

You can use it together with any other file shredder or personal security utility. We are glad to suggest competitive update pricing that is available on ordering page. Also, consider checking your file shredder with our security tool checklist.

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