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Shred Agent. Why is it different?

What makes Shred Agent stand out of the crowd?

Shred Agent is one of the newest file shredders.

There are so many file shredders out there. There's just a comparative table of the most popular of them. Market seems to be overflowed with them. Meanwhile they are mostly the same. They let you choose some shredding methods, offer some minor features and that's it.

What would make another software company want to come up with a new shredder? Probably some really breakthrough features.

Those features are the ease and the high productiveness of the Shred Agent combined: background mode, filters. The background mode and configurable filters are already described.

I just want to stress that it's a joy to use Shred Agent. Start it, configure it, minimize it and do your own job!

Sure you can waste time trying out all the other shredders, which might be more popular due to long-term promotion actions but they all are pretty much the same and their level is lower than that of the Shred Agent.

Why is it lower? Because those file shredders force you to open the file shredder, look for the file or folder you want to delete, then press Shred, Wipe, Purge, Clean, whatever...It is a time wasteful  and tiring.

On the contrary, the Shred Agent wipes all trash and files for you. How? You simply delete it in usual Windows way. It also deals with the recent files.

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