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What the perfect file shredder should be like?

There are lots of file shredders available. They have different features, different prices, usability and interface. Some are close to absolute file shredder. In this article, I am going to define the aspects the absolute file shredder should have according to the features, support and price.

Features. The most annoying thing about regular file shredders is that they require manual file selection. That takes a lot of time, nerves and demands special knowledge. So, first of all, the absolute file shredder should be capable of automatic capture of the files that are to be shredded, such as temporary files and recent files. The Shred Agent actually has this feature and that's why it is breakthrough indeed.

Also, perfect file shredder should offer a variety of shredding methods. Plus, a really helpful features are those that let users shred temporary files, recycle bin and recent file by simply clicking the according button. Blancco - File Shredder is the one that has this feature to some extent.

Support. Sometimes, when user encounters some trouble using software and the 'help' file is not helpful enough, he has to contact the support team. Mostly it is supposed to be done via email. The issue is some software-developers are not reacting fast enough or the employees cannot provide user with the decent help. Obviously, the perfect support for the absolute file shredder's users should be the one that would react instantly and provide users with competent information that would actually help him.

Price. The file shredder's prices differ greatly starting from $15 and going up to $99. Obviously, the perfect price is the lowest, but the average actually should be about $30.

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