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Fine tuning file shredder to suit your needs

Shred Agent can "see" all files you or your software delete in your system. It provides 100% covering. Click to download.Shred Agent can be fully customized. 

Two lists of files can be set up: 

  • files, which are always wiped;

  • files, which are never wiped. 

It is possible to save current filter configuration and upload it later when you need it. This means a user can have different filter sets at hand, which are easily switched on and off.

For example, you can have a ‘regular security’ and a ‘high security’ filter sets. The first one can be used for everyday work, shredding the files from certain important directories. The ‘high security’ filter set, on the other hand, can be configured to wipe all the files that have been deleted.

There are two criteria, based on which the files get wiped or not: 

  • certain file extensions;

  • Shred Agent can "see" and wipe local files deleted by remote users. In this way it provides file security over network. Click to download.belonging to a specific directory. 

For example the list of files subject to wiping can include the directories that contain sensitive information, files with .tmp extension or all image files. This will provide that none of the information stored in these files will ever be recovered.

If Shred Agent is installed on a server and a remote user is trying to delete a file from the "Include" list, Shred Agent will wipe the file. Most other file shredders fail to do that. This functionality makes it possible to assure complete removal of sensitive information throughout your company network.

Buy Shred Agent

Buy Shred Agent

Purchase a license for full version of Shred Agent;

Get Shred Agent

Get Shred Agent

Download a 30-day fully-function trial version of Shred Agent;

Try it and Buy it

You can try Shred Agent for free. 30-days fully-functional version of Shred Agent is available for download. Before downloading, please, pay attention to System requirements. If you find Shred Agent useful, then you can purchase a license. Please, visit ordering page for more information. Need more information? Browse from the product home page.

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