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What kind of tuning can offer most popular shredders? Change number of overwriting passes, give you a choice of 3 or 4 methods of  shredding? Is that enough? Sure not.

It's a completely normal situation when a competitor gets above the others by filling some gap in the market. While all shredders were mostly the same and didn't pay attention to the same aspects like working in a background mode and giving a variety of settings, the Shred Agent actually did it.

This article will consider the filters feature offered by the Shred Agent. Shred Agent's filters feature is easy and convenient to use. To enter the path to the folder you want to create a filter for click on the 'Change folder' icon on the right and browse for the necessary folder. You can also enter the path manually. Enter a file mask. Use asterisk as a wildcard to denote any number of symbols. For example, enter '*.doc' to denote all .doc files.

More over, the software is programmed to allow users to edit filters and ask the Shred Agent support team to help with creating them. This makes your Shred Agent, unlike all other software of its kind, be unlimitedly configurable. Exclude the extension, include the other kind. Don't want your .doc files to be shredded? Go for it! On contrary, want all your .xls be completely wiped? Again, no problem.

Plus, after you configure the necessary filters, you can save the configuration. Create another one just like described above. Save it as well. When you need a definite filters in any particular moment, you can easily switch between the existing configurations simply by loading them.

Just like a decent paper shredder, Shred Agent does its job properly. You, with a help of a Shredder itself and the support team, configure what should stay and what should be wiped out of your system!

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