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Shred Agent is the only utility that wipes files on hardware level

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Shred Agent is a file security utility that makes deletion secure and prevents information leakages. It was designed to replace in-secure file deletion operations with secure file wiping. 

What "hardware" level means

Shred Agent can "see" all files you or your software delete in your system. It provides 100% covering. Click to download.Shred Agent works on hardware level, thus wiping the files completely, eliminating the possibility of ever recovering them. For file shredder utility the problem is not to wipe file (it's quite simple), the problem is to catch the file that program should wipe. The most insecure (hard to catch) are:

  • Temporary files created by popular programs: MS Word (TM), Internet Explorer (TM);

  • Files deleted thought Recycle Bin;

  • Files deleted by remote user;

  • Any files that are deleted by program, but not by user;

Hardware level is where Shred Agent can catch all these files and wipe them.

Popular file shredders: what is the difference

Shred Agent can "see" and wipe local files deleted by remote users. In this way it provides file security over network. Click to download.Most popular file shredders, including ours QuickWiper works on user level. So they can catch and wipe only files that user does delete. 

Unfortunately, the most popular file shredders: 

  • don't handle temporary files;

  • don't catch files moved to Recycle Bin;

  • don't catch any modifications done silently by software;

  • don't wipe files deleted by remote user;

Buy Shred Agent

Buy Shred Agent

Purchase a license for full version of Shred Agent;

Get Shred Agent

Get Shred Agent

Download a 30-day fully-function trial version of Shred Agent;

There is no need to drop file to any special window or program. Shred Agent provides zero-clicks wiping. Home user just needs to install it and forget about it. Click to download.I'm using wipe free space... 

Unfortunately, this is not enough. Some programs, for instance, popular web-browser FireFox, could create and delete hundreds temporary files per hour. In this case wiping of free space doesn't help to protect your privacy.

Try it and Buy it

You can try Shred Agent for free. 30-days fully-functional version of Shred Agent is available for download. Before downloading, please, pay attention to System requirements. If you find Shred Agent useful, then you can purchase a license. Please, visit ordering page for more information. Need more information? Browse from the product home page.

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