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A checklist for file shredder you are using now

Is my file shredder secure enough?Check if file shredder you are using now is good enough for your business or personal needs. 

The must have features are: ability to wipe all files including temporary and cached files, ability to wipe Recycle Bin. Also, it's great if your file shredder doesn't require your action to do all these things.

The possibility of recovering files checklist
Factor Score Comments
You are using some file shredder +5 Use file shredder instead of simply deleting files
File shredder wipes temporary files +4 These files are hard to catch, but are a great security risk
You are running wipe free space weekly +2 Wipe free space covers about 80% of deleted files
File shredder wipes recycle bin files +2 File shredder wipes files when you empty recycle bin
File shredder wipes files over network +2 File shredder should catch files deleted by remote users

Shred Agent is a file shredder that really works! Click to download.Your score:

  • 0..5 - you should install any file shredder and use both - file shredder option and wipe free space option;
  • 5..8 - you are protected well, but there are still some security holes that attackers can use;
  • 8..12 - you are protected for 90%, it's good for home users, but we need more fore businesses;
  • >12 - there is almost no chance to recover sensitive files. You and your business are really protected!


  • Must wipe all deleted files, including temporary and cached files;
  • Must wipe Recycle Bin;
  • Must support remote users; 


To wipe temporary files, wipe files over network and file files in recycle bin use a background mode file shredder - Shred Agent. You can download a 30-day fully-function trial version of Shred Agent or purchase a license for full version of Shred Agent;

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