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File "shreader", shredder, wiper or cleaner

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There are a number of names for this kind of software. File Shredder term came from the paper file shredders, which were purchased for offices for shred the paper into the small pieces. The same term came into the computer world.

  • File shredder (sure, writing "shreader" is a grammar mistake) is a computer software designed to delete files so they could never be recovered.

  • Terms "shreader", shredder, wiper, cleaner are all refer to the process of secure deletion of information.

Find below the comparison of paper file shredder and software file shredder:

  1. Both designed to make document irrecoverable after shreddering.

  2. Both combines the speed and the required security level. For instance, there is certainly a chance of recovering shredder paper after a shredder, but it is too hard. The same idea with software file shredder, probably, there is a possibility to recover file, but it's too small to drill hard disk and burn it in fire in order to stay secure.

  3. Important: both types of shredders destroy only information you pass trough them. So, there must exists a copies of files, files may be involved into some other case and so on. While, it's easy to control with paper, it's hard with e-docs. That's why background wiping is necessary for businesses.

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