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File shredder in action - file removal with no efforts

There is no need to drop file to any special window or program. Shred Agent provides zero-clicks wiping. Home user just needs to install it and forget about it. Click to download.Shred Agent is included into start up by default, so it launches every time the computer is switched on. 

There are two working modes: active and passive. 

  • In active mode, the files which meet the wiping conditions you have set, are automatically wiped. 

  • When the software is in passive mode, it does not affect the files being deleted.

The program can be minimized: it is iconified in the system tray and runs silently in the background. If you right-click on its icon a context menu will appear which displays all the control options. A user can select to start and stop the driver, display the configuration options or view the help file.

The combination of these features assures complete file removal with no efforts at all on the part of the owner. Just configure the filters the way you want them once and switch the active mode on. 

When your computer is switched on, Shred Agent is launched automatically. The program will silently wipe the files, which you delete, in the background.

Buy Shred Agent

Buy Shred Agent

Purchase a license for full version of Shred Agent;

Get Shred Agent

Get Shred Agent

Download a 30-day fully-function trial version of Shred Agent;

Try it and Buy it

You can try Shred Agent for free. 30-days fully-functional version of Shred Agent is available for download. Before downloading, please, pay attention to System requirements. If you find Shred Agent useful, then you can purchase a license. Please, visit ordering page for more information. Need more information? Browse from the product home page.

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