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the Shred Agent makes it in the background!

The feature essential for Shred Agent and breakthrough among other shredders is the background mode. The background mode is easy and effective way to get rid of trash (such as temporary files) and sensitive files.

What is a background mode? Background mode is basically a program's feature that is running, doing some tasks and not bothering you. This way you can go off and do something else while this program does its thing. Thus, , one can minimize

All other popular shredders are not programmed to work in background mode. Instead, they bother you with manual file selection in order to delete it. What if you have to wipe the files in a network of 100 computers or even more? It will take forever, because only a few of them have a searching for files feature!

So, the shredding or the or the file wiping is much easier with the Shred Agent, since instead of wasting time searching and selecting the necessary file, one can set the Shred Agent to start with OS start up, minimize in the tray and do its thing.

Shred Agent works in background

Most file shredders don't only enforce users to look for files automatically, but simply don't see files like cached data or temporary files that office programs always creates.

There are no pros without cons though, like in the life itself. Unfortunately, the background mode, while as usual wiping the files, deleted some file that led to one of my programs termination. I was upset and contacted the Shred Agent support team. They helped me to solve this program fast by suggesting a special filter I could use.

The other thing is that background feature brings it to a whole other level of using the software of its kind. Earlier only pc experts and other really advanced users. But with the feature any home computer can be protected from intruders by any user, willing his sensitive data to be covered from others. Start the application and enjoy. Simplicity combined with high effectiveness!

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