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Popular articles

  • Sam Miller computer security expert shares his ideas about how to stay secure on-line and off-line using disk encryption software and file shredder.

  • Shred Agent passed file wiping speed tests. Click to learn, how wiping speed depends on average file size. 

  • What wiping "on hardware level" means. Learn more about wiping temporary files, cached files, files in Recycle Bin. Read about wiping on hardware level...

  • Let's discuss some facts about file deletion in Windows (R) operation system: Fact 1. Any deleted file can be recovered; Any one can recover files that were deleted a long time ago. More facts about file wiping.

  • Schedule regular wiping free space with Shred Agent. Use command line interface to run free space wipe function to make secure previously deleted files.

  • What is the benefit of wiping on hardware level. Shred Agent works on hardware level, thus wiping the files completely, eliminating the possibility of ever recovering them. 

  • File shredder terminology: "shreader", shredder, wiper. Comparison to paper shredder.

  • Shred Agent captures the files deleted by other programs and make the deletion of temporary files secure. Read more about how it works.


Basic features

  • Shredding or the or the file wiping is much easier with the Shred Agent, since one can set the Shred Agent to start with OS start up, minimize in the tray and do its thing.

  • Exclude the extension, include the other kind. Don't want your .doc files to be shredded? Go for it! On contrary, want all your .xls be completely wiped? More about filters...

  • Shred Agent in comparison to other security tools. First of all this right tool, the Shred Agent, works on a hardware level...

  • File wiping is useful for confidentiality, because files are not entirely deleted using the operating system's default delete function. Shred Agent have some must-have competitive advantages.

The description of Shred Agent's basic features and benefits. Read more...


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