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Raleigh, NC (AKS-Labs) September 21, 2006 -- AKS-Labs, has release a version 1.0 of Shred Agent, a file shredder utility that works in background mode and does secure deletion of all deleted files. 

With the wider use of encryption systems, an attacker wishing to gain access to sensitive data is forced to look elsewhere for information. One way to attack is the recovery of supposedly erased data from hard disk or random-access memory.

Shred Agent is designed to protect your privacy. When you delete files in Windows it is possible to undelete or recover them using different file recovery utilities. If you want to make sure that the file you delete cannot be restored by any means, Shred Agent is the right tool for you. 

To make sure nobody else has access to your private files, you might use some encryption software. But encryption is useless if the original plaintext can be recovered. Wiping is the process of writing some information directly into the space where the old file was located. 

Shred Agent works on hardware level, thus wiping the files completely, eliminating the possibility of ever recovering them. What makes it different from most file wiping utilities currently available on the market is the capability to control the wiping of files in the background. For example you can configure the corresponding filters to wipe temporary file created by office programs. 

If Shred Agent is installed on a server and a remote user is trying to delete a file from the "Include" list, Shred Agent will wipe the file via network. 

Shred Agent can be customized to suit just your needs. Configure filters to wipe only the files with certain extensions or belonging to a specific directory. Make sure Shred Agent is launched every time you switch on your computer. Record all the information about the files being wiped to a log file.

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