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Affiliate program  is available though We provide our affiliates with: instructions on how to get started, affiliated download and ordering URLs, custom graphics to use on affiliate's web-site, special build with builded-in affiliated registration URL, 50% affiliate commission for Shred Agent. Please, contact us do details

Key benefits:

  • 50% affiliate commission for Shred Agent (check RegNow right now, there may be some special action with higher commission)
  • Right to use product promotion data  

Shred Agent was certificated by RegNow OneNetwork affiliate network. Now, it's 100% guarantied that all sales generated by your web-site will be added to your affiliate account. Move over, we'll be happy you to tell about Shred Agent so you are eligible to use article about file shredders at your web-site for free.




AKS-Labs' resellers are eligible for discounts on selected products. Resellers are encouraged to bundle these products with value-added services and charge accordingly. Significant revenue potential exists for the aggressive solution provider or reseller. Learn more...

Key benefits:

  • Discounts

  • Product information

  • Premium technical support

  • Beta testing opportunities



E-Commerce Providers

Our e-commerce providers are RegSoft ( and RegNow (

Service provided by, Inc.
10820 Abbotts Bridge Road,
Duluth, GA 30097, USA


Shred Agent Partners



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