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Shred Agent is a file security utility that makes deletion secure and prevents information leakages

Protects privacy by secure wiping of sensitive files in the background mode



Why use Shred Agent? To secure delete temporary files silently created by popular software programs:

Is Shred Agent better that some popular file shredder?

Popular file shredders: 

  1. Don't handle temporary files;

  2. Don't catch files moved to Recycle Bin;

  3. Don't catch any modifications done silently by software;

  4. Don't wipe files deleted by remote user;

Read more about: wiping on hardware level...


File shredder terminology, comparison to paper shredder.


PDF version of the  Shred Agent brochure. Download size: 144 Kb;  Download brochure.



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Shred Agent file shredder utility

Shred Agent is a file shredder utility that makes deletion secure and prevents information leakages. Shred Agent was designed to replace in-secure file deletion with secure file wiping. It works in background and can see all files that are deleted, including temporary and cached files.


Wiping on hardware level. Shred Agent works on hardware level, thus wiping the files completely, eliminating the possibility of ever recovering them. 

Schedule regular wiping free space with Shred Agent. Use command line interface to run free space wipe function to make secure previously deleted files.

Why do I need to wipe file

Wipe free space. Wiping free disk space is necessary to make irrecoverable all previously deleted files.

Fine tune file shredder. Configure filters to wipe only the files with certain extensions or belonging to a specific directory.  

Wiping with no efforts. Configure options and assures complete file removal with no efforts at all on the part of the owner. 

Read more about Shred Agent features

Shred Agent can "see" all files you or your software delete in your system. It provides 100% covering. Click to download.

A file shredder check list: is your personal computer secure enough? Is your business protected from information leakages? Pass the test.   

Is my file shredder secure enough?

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Shred Agent BENEFITS

Shred Agent provides you with:





Shred Agent news

Shred Agent passed file wiping speed tests. Click to learn, how wiping speed depends on average file size. 

Shred Agent was certificated for OneNetwork program.

Shred Agent version 1.1 released.

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Review: the most popular file shredders. Read the comparative review of the most popular file wiping utilities.

I don't want to be security guru...

Security isn't something that is easy to do with simple firewall. Pay attention to "Computer network defense course", pass self evaluation security pretest and you will see that there are a lot of aspects that might affect computer security. 
If your sensitive files can be recovered then you are ignoring one of the most important security aspect.

Are there any other security tools that I might need? 

Sure, you  might need software to find and destroy spyware, ad-aware. You will need software to scan your ports and internet traffic. Read more about security tools.

Identity theft

Important reason to use file shredders is identity theft. Unfortunately, most file shredders will not wipe credit card information that some of your software might require. So, it's a great vulnerability of your personal security. Working in background mode Shred Agent will help you much and it will be almost impossible to recover your data, but please spend some time and learn more about other problems associated with identity theft.

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